Born on January 4, 1931, in Middendorf, SC,

Margie was the middle child of Margaret Rowe and James Otis Joyner. She had an older brother named Hayward and a younger brother named Bill. She graduated from McBee High School, studied accounting at Florence-Darlington Technical College, and was a member of West Hartsville Baptist Church.

In 1951, she married Thomas Hiller Spires

and they built their life together in Hartsville. As a working Mom, Margie balanced a successful career, first as an operator at Southern Bell and then as a cost accountant at Burlington Industries, while raising three children. In the 1970’s, she was promoted to cost accountant at Burlington; it was the first time a woman had her picture posted on the bulletin board there. She took pleasure in “working with numbers and making everything balance.”

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Margie loved being surrounded by her family and friends.

After her husband passed away, she moved next door to her brother Bill and sister-in-law, Mary Helen, and enjoyed many adventures with them. She delighted in being “Mama” to her three grandchildren and  seven great-grandchildren — playing, laughing, and sharing her love. She enjoyed traveling, reading, writing in her journal, and sending thoughtful cards. Margie was known as a good friend to many, visiting people who were sick and providing for those in need. In her journal, she wrote: “To love is the most precious gift of all.”

Margie was generous with her time and resources.

She would be thrilled that Margie’s Books has been created in her honor to provide books to under-resourced educational communities.